8*25*09 Dream Shoes

So this is actually really my first entry. The last one was more of a greeting. While surfing the web looking for pictures of traditional rose tattoos (my next addition to my arm for my mom) I came across these amazing shoes. They are Traditional Korean Hanbok Shoes and they are amazing. They remind me of shoes from the 40s with their clunky heals and rounded toes. Found them on eBay from between $40 to $60. I think they would look smashing with a retro dress, or cuffed dark jeans.
These will be in my dreams tonight.

8*25*09 entry one

My very first entry in my new blog. Most entries will be made while my babies are sleeping so some may be cut short and some may ramble for far too long. There will be no particular subject to this blog, but more random thoughts mostly about fashion, crafting and things that happen throughout my week. I'm going to try and update at least once a week, unless there is more to tell or too little time to get to it. I'm sure there will be lots of images and some videos I find amusing. My spelling is terrible, even with a spell check, and my daily life not so interesting, but thanks to those who will read this and hopefully it will fill that little spot in your day where you have nothing better to do = )