Ponies and Castles? No Thanks, I'll take the dirt.

After talking with Josh this morning and me stating I HAD to get the kids out of the house today, the plan was to bring their castle and a heard of ponies out under the shady tree in the grass, just outside our town home.  The thought of packing them all up in the car to go somewhere made my stomach turn.  I just don't have the energy today.  This seemed like an easy enough plan.  A few trips in and out with the picnic blanket, castle, nursing cover and ponies and we were ready to play.  After a few quick seconds of galloping the ponies about the castle, the kids were off exploring tree bark and dirt and collecting twigs and dead leaves to "make a nest".

Things went from here to here real quick 

None the less, we played outside for a good 45 minutes.  We were all covered in dirt and sweat by the time we came inside.  Now what am I going to do with these kids for the rest of the day????

abandoned ponies


I really kinda love that they left the ponies behind and explored nature a little.  Lord knows we play with the ponies enough inside.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  Just a few more day till we go on our airplane adventure and get to spend time on the beach.  

Jasper/ Nautical Line Work

So excited.  New ink!  Last night we started the line work for my leg piece.  The main part is a treasure chest for Jasper.  The meaning of Jasper is "treasure holder" or "keeper of the treasure".  Mermaids, lobster, ships wheel, compass, clipper & light house.  Still have some space to fill and lots and lots of color.  JR is amazing!  Can't wait for the grand opening of their new shop Ink and Pistons Tattoo Shop & Slushbox Art Gallery.  More about that soon!  Here are a few quick pics, not easy to photograph the back of your own leg.

Feeling Sappy

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up August 12 and I've been thinking about what were going to do to celebrate.  We will be on Cape Cod and the grandparents have already agreed to watch thr kids for a few hours so we can do something.  Can't believe it's been almost 5 years.

Our first dance

Photo a Day - July

Photo a Day - July 11

Last weeks craft project

Last week was hot.  And by hot I mean miserable, sticky and sweaty.  So I tried to come up with some stuff to keep the kids busy inside.  Our life currently revolves around My Little Pony, so of course I had to include that in the mix.  I've seen these cute Popsicle stick puzzles all over the internet and just so happened to have a bag of Popsicle sticks laying around.

Popsicle sticks
Mod Podge
exacto knife
patient toddlers

Lay out enough popsicle sticks for your image to fit.  I used the skinny popsicle
sticks because that's what I already had, but the wide one would work way better. 

Put a coat of Mod Podge on the popsicle sticks and lay your image on top.  
I ended up having to do this step because the sticks were sliding all over the place.  

Put another coat of Mod Podge over the image.  

Wait for the Mod Podge to dray and listen to your kids whine about how 
they want to do more and "are they done yet?"

I decided to use puff paint to number the pieces and write the ponies
names on the sticks so they could practice their counting and number
and letter recognition.  ***I should have used a different color for the letters
than the numbers because some of the letters look like numbers when they 
are upside down, and can be a little confusing

Once everything is dry, use your exacto knife to cut the image along each
popsicle stick.  All done!

The girls were pretty excited to play with the puzzles when they were done.  Abby and Zoey understood pretty quickly how to do them.  Cherry thinks the popsicle sticks taste yummy. 

Photo A Day - July

Photo A Day - July 6

Photo A Day - July

Photo A Day - July 5
On The Floor

July 4th 2012

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th.  We spent our morning getting a few things done around the house and being lazy.  Then went to our friends parents house for a festive party with lots of food and kids!  There was swimming and pony (pretend pony) riding, burgers and lemon ice, pop its and fireworks.  Felt like part of the family, even though it wasn't our family!  The past few years we have spent the 4th on Cape Cod, but decided to push our summer vacation back a bit so Jasper wouldn't have to travel so young.  4th of July on Cape Cod is amazing!  Everyone goes ALL OUT.  But we had just as good of a time spending it with good friends here at home.

Photo a Day - July 4

Photo A Day - July & Sewing Stuff

Photo A Day - July 3
Best Part Of My Day
Quiet time before bed with Sesame Street

In other news,here's what I've been up to in my crafting world.  I'm making the three girls stewardess outfits for their very first plane trip this summer.  We decided to fly to Cape Cod this year instead of driving.  The past few years we've taken 3 days to drive up and back, but with the price of gas and a 3 month old, we decided flying would make more sense.  Upon discussing this with out 3 1/2 year old twins, they informed us they did not want to fly, they wanted to ride in the car.  When we told them no, we would be flying they began to cry hysterically.  They are terrified of flying, why?  I don't know.  But we've been doing a bunch of stuff to try and get them excited and ready for the (what I'm sure is going to be hell) flight.  Got a book about the airport, Richard Scarry's Busy Airport.  Visited the Air Port and walked around showing them everything and looking at the planes.  And I'm making them special outfits to get them excited about the flight.  Here is Cherry modeling the first complete vest and skirt.  Of course, I will be making them hats to match = )  Anyone else have this issue with your toddler being afraid to fly?  How did you handle it?  And how were they on the flight?

Photo A Day - July

I've always wanted to do one of these.  Yet another reason I wish I had a Camera Smart Phone gadget.  It's such a production to upload photos from my camera.  Of course I missed yesterday and I have a feeling it won't be the only one I miss, but I'm going to give it a go.


Photo A Day - July 1
Self Portrait

Photo A Day - July 2