Stitch Rock Panic!

So between all the personal projects I've been working on and my lack of motivation brought on by first trimester pregnancy hormones, I've seriously been neglecting my Stitch Rock duties! In less than a week, on Saturday, October 1st, the best local indie craft show will commence! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get in the mood to work on stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I have a substantial stock built up from past shows and working on stuff here and there, but as always, I have way more ideas than time. Perhaps I'll get a hand full more hats finished by the end of the week, or perhaps I'll just make sure everything I already have is ready to go.

So If you're local, go! This year is Stitch Rocks 5th birthday party so there will be lots of awesome stuff in the goodie bags and a party atmosphere! Get your party dress ready and your support the local artists, crafters and go be seen!!!