Happy Day Before Halloween

So excited about tomorrow!  Can't wait to put the kids in their costumes (and wear mine).  Tried to convince Josh we should get dressed up and go have Sears portraits taken, but he wasn't going for it.  So either today or tomorrow I've got to get the kids in their costumes and bring them out to the grassy field down the street and get some good photos, that may or may not eventually be photo shopped with images from My Little Pony.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, I'm so freaking relieved to be done make them!  As soon as I finished the last one I put EVERYTHING away so I didn't have to look at it anymore.  I've been consumed with getting them finished on time for Halloween, it was literately all I thought about all day every day.  Between staying up way to late catching up on The Walking Dead and working on the costumes, I've felt like a zombie my self.

Could we get any more polar opposite things going on???

In other news, we met with some realtors and we are stuck in our town home for another year.  The market is not on our side.  But hopefully next time this year I will be blogging about how much packing to move sucks.

Cherry turns 2 years old Monday, Nov 5th.  :::insert all the cliche things about kids growing up so fast and how time flies:::  because it's all true.  

Jasper had is 6 month appointment the other week, he's a whopping 21lbs 4oz and doing amazing.  So far he loves green beans, peas and squash.  A few more veggies to try then we're on to fruits.  He's sitting up by himself, unless he gets excited, then he freaks out and falls over.   He has no interest in crawling yet, because he can roll across the floor to get to what he wants.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather here in South Florida and staying safe in the crazy "stuff movies are made about" weather up north.


This, That and The Other

So it's been a while.  Partly because I'd rather not remember the past few weeks (EVERYONE in this house was sick and miserable) and partly because it's been so hectic I haven't had a chance to sit down an blog.  Now that we've all returned to a healthy state and Stitch Rock has come and gone I have a moment to chat.

As I said, a plague of sorts hit this house.  Started with the kids having fevers, progressed to ear infections in 3 of the 4.  Josh got it one weekend, then me the next.  Everyone was tired and uncomfortable.  I felt like I was at the doctor or pharmacy every other day for 3 weeks straight.  I dread the day they start school and bring home new and exciting germs to spread around.  But we've all finally kicked the bug, and aside from my every once in a while coughing fits, I feel human again.

This past Saturday was the 6th annual Stitch Rock Indie Craft Bazaar.  One of my favorite days of the year. I get to see a bunch of amazing, creative and inspiring people in one place.  I was disappointed  with what I had to show, it's proven its self difficult to get a lot of sewing done with the kids and the other projects I have going on (like the amazing Halloween costumes I'm putting together).  It was by far my slowest show which got me thinking maybe it's time to introduce something new to my line of goodies.

I got an Iphone!  Don't get too excited, it's not actually going to be hooked up to a phone plan, hah.  Right now I have Josh's old Itouch which I've recently become obsessed with.  I use it for my grocery lists and calendar, quick Facebook checks and surfing Instagram while breastfeeding.  But now, with the Iphone, I'll have the ability to take photos!  So excited.  I'm sure for the first few weeks I'll be going a little overboard on my Instagram feed (humblebumblebrenda) until my honeymoon period is over.  Josh almost has it set up, can't wait!

The next few weeks will be filled with feverish sewing of Halloween costumes, our first attempt at Church, visiting the pumpkin patch and trying to put our house on the market and searching for a new one!


Halloween Costume Sneak Peaks

So Josh thinks I'm a little crazy and kinda over did it on the costumes for the kids this year, but I'm really excited about how they're turning out.  Of course, they picked My Little Ponies to dress up as, well Abby and Zoey did, Cherry is still too young to really tell us what she wants to be, so she agreed to be a pony, and well Jasper, you'll be stuck being Spike the dragon and it's going to be ridiculously  cute!  Here is a sneak peak of Abby's Princess Luna costume.  I've completed everything except the necklace and the glass slippers which will be made out of my new most favorite craft supply, glitter foam.  Now to figure out where/ what we're doing for Halloween!

Fall? Where?

Pumpkin Spice Latte all around, long sleeves and corduroy in all the stores, and that gross smell of cinnamon brooms and pine cones in all the craft stores means fall is near right.  Could have fooled me.  It's still hot as anything here in South Florida.  I'm anxiously awaiting that slightly cooler breeze, days spent at the zoo and pic-nics under the tree just outside our courtyard.

In other news, this past week has really kicked my butt.  ALL 4 of the kids were sick with up to nearly 104 fevers.  There's Abby who asked to snuggle non-stop, Zoey who pretty much sleeps the majority of the time she's sick, but when she's up she wants to snuggle, Cherry's who is just a complete screaming, crying mess and Jasper who even when healthy never wants to be put down, so when sick he wants to be stuck to me like glue.  It was a long hard week, and just when I thought it was over, the fevers all broke and they were playing and eating almost like normal, then came the vomit and coughing and runny noses.  It's only 9am Monday morning and this week already looks like it will be a repeat of last week.  I feel so bad for my babies.  The logistics of having 4 very young kids have really hit me this past week.  I feel like I haven't been able to give any of them the proper attention for how they've felt, and I especially feel like I haven't been able to give my self the proper down time to deal with them.  I'm beat, all I want is to drown myself in cake and ice cream because tomorrow is my birthday!!!

On the up side, I've started creating the kids Halloween costumes and I'm really excited about how they're turning out.  I'll post some sneak peaks soon.

Grand Galloping Birthday Gala

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, Abigayle and Zoey turned 4 years old.  It's so cliche to talk about how they grow up so fast, but holy shit, how did this happen?  My babies are 4 years old.  They are truly sweet, beautiful girls.  Here is a photo recap of their My Little Pony, Grand Galloping Birthday Gala.  We had such a wonderful time with our friends and family.  I feel lucky and blessed to know each and every one of them.  I couldn't survive this roller-coaster called parenthood with out the support of our friends and family and especially my husband, who tolerates my kooky party planing and decorating ideas.