Summer Uniform

Ruffle butt and cris-cross back. I want to make Cherry one of these for every day of the summer.

Summer Vacation

In just over two weeks, I will be livin' it up at our families quintessential New England vacation spot.

My Favorite things about Cape Cod

*The families cottage. Lots of old character, great retro counter tops, creaky wooden stairs.
*Out side showers
. There's nothing like showering in the brisk 70degree sunshine.
*The beach. I'll admit, i rarely go to the beach here at home, but there is something magical about the beach up there.
*Fish and Chips. Actually, any and all fried food. I'm drooling just thinking about it!
*4th of July. There's nothing more patriotic than a New England 4th of July! *Ice Cream Every Night. One word. The Smuggler.
*Kids Concerts on the Green
*Pancake Breakfast. Put on by a bunch of adorable elderly people at the church.
*Antique Mall. I usually can't afford very much, but I try to pick up something every year.

My list could go on and on, but I'll stop at that. Can't wait to bring Cherry this year. Last year was the first year we skipped our summer vacation since I've met Josh. We had our house on the market and we were trying to save like crazy for a new place. This year we plan on making up for it and really enjoying our vacation and our family.