04*18*11 It's been a While

ok so I've deserted this blog for long enough! One of my crafty, awesome mommy friends has inspired me to start it up again. Her blog is wonderful and contagious!

So as for me, since I've last blogged, I've birthed another baby. 3 girls under the age of 3. And yes, it is as exhausting as it sounds.

I've recently limited my intake of custom orders on my website. I've been so busy making hats, I haven't had time to created for my girls or for my self. This summer I have big plans to get to some of my patterns I've neglected for so long and make some super cute stuff for my kids that I've come across on other blogs. Who knows how long I'll keep up on the blog this time, but I'm going to try.

Here are some photos of this weekend projects. Every kid needs their own super hero cape!
My kids kinda love Super Grover and are always using their bath towels as capes, so I finally got around to making them official capes. So far they aren't very impressed. LOL.