this-to-that Tuesday

Going to start a "this-to-that Tuesday" post where I'll blog about a recent project I've worked on reusing and re-purposing things I have around the house or find in my journeys.

I've been in total nesting mode lately

***Nesting - In human females, the nesting instinct often occurs around the fifth month of pregnancy, but can occur as late as the eighth, or not at all. It may be strongest just before the onset of labor. It is commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one's home and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings.***

Cleaning, organizing and redoing some stuff in the girls room to get ready for this boy! Editing some of the pink and bringing in a little more bright red and such. Here is a little project that took only a few hours to do and I'm kinda obsessed with the out come!

Abby got this super cute Melissa & Doug pony set for Christmas and I held onto the box because I knew it would make something wonderful. After peeling some stickers off, a few coats of paint and some antiquing, I came up with this little shadow box. It's perfect for some of their little knick knacks. Their room is circus theme (don't worry, you'll see more of it in the near future) so this "big top" shadow box fits in perfectly!

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