The first Week

Baby Jasper is here, and it's already been a whole week since his arrival. 

Here is a slightly short version of Jasper's birth story, don't worry, I don't go into any gross details.  Last Friday we had a normal doctors appt, where I found out I was already 4cm dilated.  Basically as close to being in labor, with out being in labor as I could get.  We left the Dr. and decided to hang out close to the hospital for a bit, luckily there is a mall conveniently right across the street.  We went in one store, then let the girls play in the chaos that is the indoor play area at the mall.  Left the mall to get some dinner at Panera, where I calmly told Josh I thought it would be a good Idea to call his parents and have them meet us at the Hospital.  At this point I'm pretty sure I was having contractions.  Got to the hospital, yes they were contractions, got all hooked up to the IV, filled out all my paper work and requested my epidural.  Josh's parents got there, said hi, and brought the kids back to their house for a slumber party.  Shortly after, the anesthesiologist showed up and Josh left the room (he doesn't do well with needles).  Epidural was good.  Just a bit later, pushed my nurse button, Dr. came in, 3 pushes later Jasper was born and we were all happy campers!   

So far he has been a wonderful baby, taking long naps and sleeping decently at night.  Abby, Zoey and Cherry have been the most amazing big sisters, constantly wanting to hug, kiss and bring him My Little Ponies.  They have adjusted better than I ever could have hoped.  We've all had our moments this first week, but it has been surprisingly pleasant with the big change.  And I am really impressed with Josh and my ability to keep our house running smoothly, keeping up with laundry and dishes and keeping the girls in their routine as much as possible.  We're kinda awesome if I do say so my self. 

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