This to That - Doll House Extream Makeover Sneak Peak

I found this amazing hand made wooden doll house 2 years ago at Goodwill for $20.  I had to have it.  Abby and Zoey have never really been too into it, it has no furniture, it served more as storage than anything.  A few weeks ago, I took everyone to Micheal's and had the girls each pick out some scrapbook paper and some paint colors and we came home and started remodeling the doll house.  It is only partially finished, but they have played with it more the past few weeks than they have for 2 years.  Here is a little sneak peak.

 The interior - all white, all boring

 Abby painting her room.  Zoey got bored painting the room and decided to paint daddy a picture instead

 Sneak Peak!

Making some furniture and accessories too!

Here are some inspiration images

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