Friday Fun?

Not really all that fun, but we've spent them morning organizing and picking up the kids room.  Well, mostly I've spent the morning doing this.  The kids colored and tried taking everything out of the boxes while I attempted to clean up.  I love these comic boxes for storing and organizing toys.  At $4 and change they are a sturdy, cheap option for organizing, and I printed labels on adhesive paper.  The kids are good at putting things in the correct bin when they are nagged enough to pick up and put things away. 

That blank one is for misc stuff that I couldn't figure out how to categorize or stuff that there wasn't enough to fill it's own box. 

Hopefully the day will get more exciting.  Abby & Zoey have been sick for the better part of the week, and they are just starting to feel better.  We may zone out in front of the TV a bit this afternoon in hopes of making it out of the house later or at least by tomorrow.

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