Getting My Act Together

A few weeks ago I pinned a house cleaning schedule I came across while surfing the internet instead of doing house work.  Ironic huh?  But it really got me on a house cleaning/ getting my act together kick.  For a long time now, I've been neglecting my cleaning and general up keep in my house, either because I was just too exhausted from being pregnant or too exhausted from chasing 3 or 4 kids around or just not knowing where to start.  Since printing out this little one page schedule I've completely regained my enthusiasm for having a clean (as straight a house with 4 kids can be) home.

Here is the schedule I found Link to printable version

I printed out the schedule and taped it up inside a cabinet in the kitchen.  I kept up pretty well the first week, giving myself some slack considering I hadn't done 1/2 the stuff in a long time and allowing myself an adjustment period so I wouldn't get overwhelmed and give up.  

Next I felt like I needed something cute and interactive to help me keep track of chores and meal planning, so I found this super fun free printable weekly planner online.  

Could it be any cuter!  Printed it out and framed it behind glass to turn it into a dry erase planner or sorts.  Fill in all my to do's and meals with a fine tip sharpie, then wipe off and repeat the next week.  

 Hanging in the kitchen

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  1. I love these charts and the idea of framing them is a great idea!
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