Rainy Friday

There is a 100% chance of rain today, needless to say, gotta keep the kids busy inside.  Making oatmeal walnut cookies and listening to Dashboard Confessional circa 2001.  Feelin' nostalgic.

Jasper is 5 weeks old today, time sure does fly.  He has been nursing nonstop, it's really taking a toll on me.  Might try to start supplementing with some formula to see if it helps keep him full longer. 
I've been trying to exercising to get back in shape so I got a jogging stroller off Craig's List.  The past two days however, I've ended up having to carry Jasper about 1/2 my route due to his hysterical crying.  I must look crazy sitting on the side of the road nursing a baby, he seriously can't go 30 minutes without wanting to eat.

Just a few more hours until Josh gets home and we can start our weekend.  The weather is supposed to clear up so hopefully we'll have some serious fun!

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