Ponies and Castles? No Thanks, I'll take the dirt.

After talking with Josh this morning and me stating I HAD to get the kids out of the house today, the plan was to bring their castle and a heard of ponies out under the shady tree in the grass, just outside our town home.  The thought of packing them all up in the car to go somewhere made my stomach turn.  I just don't have the energy today.  This seemed like an easy enough plan.  A few trips in and out with the picnic blanket, castle, nursing cover and ponies and we were ready to play.  After a few quick seconds of galloping the ponies about the castle, the kids were off exploring tree bark and dirt and collecting twigs and dead leaves to "make a nest".

Things went from here to here real quick 

None the less, we played outside for a good 45 minutes.  We were all covered in dirt and sweat by the time we came inside.  Now what am I going to do with these kids for the rest of the day????

abandoned ponies


I really kinda love that they left the ponies behind and explored nature a little.  Lord knows we play with the ponies enough inside.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  Just a few more day till we go on our airplane adventure and get to spend time on the beach.  

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