Fair Day

This Saturday we spent the whole day at the fair, and I mean the whole day.  We left the house at 9:30am to arrive at the South Florida Fair around 10am.  Poked around the nearly deserted fair grounds until 11 when we had to register Abby and Zoey for the Twins Contest (which they won first place in last year).  A quick carousel ride and some deep fried goodness for lunch and we headed back to the Expo Center for the contest at 1pm.  There were a lot more contestants entered in the contest this year, and unfortunately the girls didn't place this year.  I think this will be the last year we enter them in, until they are old enough to decide if they want to do it themselves.  It's pretty boring for a 3 year old to stand around on stage when there is such awesomeness going on on the midway.  The girls were a bit more brave this trip to the fair and went on a train ride, a few fun houses and the pony rides.  We looked at some of the livestock and stopped for some snacks.  The kids had ice cream, Josh chose an elephant ear and I decided on cheese fries.  All of a sudden it was 5:30pm!  How did that happen. Everyone was beyond exhausted,  my back hurt like crazy from walking around on pavement all day.  A long, super fun day, a little warmer than preferred, but amazing day at the fair!!!!

Contestants lucky # 13

 Cherry being very patient while the girls compete for most alike twins

 Ice Cream!

 Train ride with daddy

Train ride with daddy


 Playin in the Corn

 My sweet girls


  1. how did we miss you guys? we were there all afternoon/evening!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Look at how big they are getting! Quit feeding them miracle grow!! I must say that my favorite pictures are the ones of them eating pickles...naturally!