This to That Tuesday

The wooden bench

Here is the "This" portion of my latest "This to that".  I've just started sanding this beautiful bench.  It was once Josh's grandmothers bench.  We had it inside for a while, but we ran out of room inside and it had to be replaced for some other not so pretty, yet more functional piece of furniture so it was banished outside, left to deal with the weather.  Since it has lost almost all of its paint and become a little rickety. 
Planning on sanding off the rest of the paint and putting a fresh coat of a bright green on the whole thing.  Ideally, it would be a pale yellow, to match our metal garden furniture, but we had this can of bright green in the closet from a failed attempt at redoing our living room, so to save money, I'm going to use it.  Once it's painted I'm going to scour the fabric stores clearance shelf for out door fabric to make a cushion.  Or maybe I'll use some of the barkcloth my mother in law handed down to me (it's a little more tropical than I usually care for, but it might work well out side).  I'm really excited about this project.  Our little courtyard has been severely neglected, and with the weather being so beautiful, we've been spending a lot of time out there, and I want it to be a space that makes me happy.

 Here are some inspiration images

There is also a wonderful blank wall just above the bench which would be a great spot for one of these bad boys

Succulent Wall Garden by fellow blogger and gal pal Erin over at turquoise violets.  But that will be for another time. 

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