Last Week Recap

Last week flew by.  Between grumpy, misbehaving kids, and lots of projects around the house, and me being in a foul mood, very little was accomplished.  The highlights included a very chill Valentines Day, a fun play date with the girls friend Ashyr, and a killer picnic at Sugar Sand Park in Boca. 

Valentines Day at our house included waking up to some cute decorations that yours truly secretly put up after everyone went to sleep the night before.  The girls were so excited to come down stairs and see the hearts all over.  They got some Valentines Reece's Peanutbutter Cups, a hand made card and a Carebears activity book.  Josh and I celebrated by ordering Indian Food from Safron for dinner (one of our favorites, but too expensive except for special occasions).  The we relaxingly watched a movie after the kids went to bed. 

We were supposed to have a mini Valentines Day party Thursday, but all the girls friends were either sick or busy, except their bud Ash.  It ended up being a super fun play date none-the-less.  We at cookies, played out side with the hose, had some lunch and did some playing inside.  It was nice having a play date at home where the kids are more corralled, because I was actually able to talk with Erin, instead of running around after the three kids like other outing play dates.  

Sunday we met some of our friends at Sugar Sand Park in Boca.  This is by far one of the coolest, if not THE coolest, play ground ever.  It is this massive wooden castle/ fortress type structure complete with a water play area.  There is a Carousel and a science museum of sorts with all kinds of interactive things for the kids.  I will for sure be seeing if any one wants to meet down there for a day of fun soon.  It was nice to see our friends that live down that way and for the kids to get together, even though they didn't do much interacting.  We make for a pretty handsome group, wouldn't you say? 

This week I hope to get you something for tomorrow's This to That Tuesday, and maybe a few other posts of things going on.  Here's to a more positive week!!!  And happy Presidents Day!

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