Easter Dresses

This is the result of taking 3 1/2 year olds to the fabric store and telling them they can pick out their own fabric for Easter dresses.  LOL.  We're not actually doing anything special, just staying home and doing a lil' egg hunting and chocolate eating and probably lunch/ dinner with Mamie & Granddaddy, so I decided these would be ok.  Although, if we decide to go see and take photos with the Easter bunny, it'll be a very memorable year as far as wardrobe goes = )

I'll post photos when the dresses are finished = )


  1. I have tons of that doxie material to make stuff for my sister, and I am almost out of that butterfly material for the crayon rolls I make. Great picks girls!! I'll tell you now they will love these dresses the most because they picked out the fabric. I had many dresses made by my mom and grandma and when I got to pick the fabric and the pattern, those were my favorite dresses by far!

  2. Zoey was pretty excited when she found black fabric with puppies on it = ) I hope they like them when I finish, they are so opinionated about what they wear at 3 1/2, i fear when they hit 13!!!!

    1. I can only imagine!! Don't worry, Jasper will be there to ruin what ever outfit of theirs you don't like. That is what little brothers do best.