Kids Headboards

So a few weeks ago we moved everyone's mattresses to the floor in preparation for Jaspers arrival in about a month.  Trying to get everyone adjusted to new sleeping arrangements before he gets here.  So far so good, Cherry has been sleeping the same as she had been in her crib, she doesn't seem to mind the change.  Now the main issue is they have decided the mattress make great trampolines so it's a constant battle to get them to stop jumping on the beds.  Call us party poopers, but it's a rule in our casa.  So in order for them to stop bumping their heads against the wall and make the mattresses look a little more bed like and not so much mattress thrown on the floor I made these easy, cheap head boards.  They are simply 1/2" foam board covered in a few layers of quilt batting and some fun fabric, then they are adhered to the wall with command strips.  They turned out exactly how I envisioned them and the girls love the play with their cars on the "zig zags".  One more project checked off the list = )

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