Thrifty finds

I don't normally come home with a ton of stuff on my thrifting adventures, either because my trip has been cut short by a misbehaving kid, or lack of funds, or guilt about bringing more "junk" into the house or I'm just plain not lucky.  But when I do find stuff, it's usually amazing!  Yesterday I stopped in Goodwill while Josh waited in the car with the kids.  I rushed in looking for clothes for Jasper and came out with a vintage Tupperware Pickle Saver (in Olive Green), a Little Golden Book to add to the collection, and a small vintage planter with working music box attached to the top.  Not bad for $3 and change.  Then today, I took Cherry with me to Community Thrift (where I had a $5 off coupon from the last time Josh shopped there), again in search of clothes for Jasper and emerged with another Little Golden Book, a Mickey Mouse book, a few onsies and this amazing suspendered outfit that blew my mind.  Thanks thrift gods for being kind to me and my wallet!

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  1. Yay for the pickle saver! That suspenders outfit is too cute!!!