DIY Fabric Chair "Harness"

So Cherry is getting more and more difficult to get in and out of her high chair.  She is too big and too long and besides that, she is showing great interest in sitting in a regular chair at meal time.  Time to get out one of the girls old booster seats, but the thought of her sitting and staying put on it made me nervous, so I found this great tutorial on fabric Travel Chair.

Check out the great step by step instructions and images of her creation here This Mama Makes Stuff Blog

And here is what I came up with.  It's kinda hard to see how the contraption works, but basically you put the flap up between her legs, then cross the sides over in front (Velcro closure) then the flap folds down over the sides. 

We used it at all our meal and snack times today and she loved it.  I'm still a little weary of her tipping to the side too much and falling out, so I hover real close, but I think it was a success!  Oh, and the little booster seat was another DIY I did back when the girls transitioned from high chairs to regular chairs.  The tutorial for the booster seat was also a great one Prudent Baby Blog.

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