July 4th 2012

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th.  We spent our morning getting a few things done around the house and being lazy.  Then went to our friends parents house for a festive party with lots of food and kids!  There was swimming and pony (pretend pony) riding, burgers and lemon ice, pop its and fireworks.  Felt like part of the family, even though it wasn't our family!  The past few years we have spent the 4th on Cape Cod, but decided to push our summer vacation back a bit so Jasper wouldn't have to travel so young.  4th of July on Cape Cod is amazing!  Everyone goes ALL OUT.  But we had just as good of a time spending it with good friends here at home.

Photo a Day - July 4


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! It actually rained most of the day here, so we stayed in and got delivery and had a movie marathon. :)

  2. That sounds awesome! I love summer here because of all the rain. Perfect excuse for movie and popcorn/delivery!