Photo A Day - July & Sewing Stuff

Photo A Day - July 3
Best Part Of My Day
Quiet time before bed with Sesame Street

In other news,here's what I've been up to in my crafting world.  I'm making the three girls stewardess outfits for their very first plane trip this summer.  We decided to fly to Cape Cod this year instead of driving.  The past few years we've taken 3 days to drive up and back, but with the price of gas and a 3 month old, we decided flying would make more sense.  Upon discussing this with out 3 1/2 year old twins, they informed us they did not want to fly, they wanted to ride in the car.  When we told them no, we would be flying they began to cry hysterically.  They are terrified of flying, why?  I don't know.  But we've been doing a bunch of stuff to try and get them excited and ready for the (what I'm sure is going to be hell) flight.  Got a book about the airport, Richard Scarry's Busy Airport.  Visited the Air Port and walked around showing them everything and looking at the planes.  And I'm making them special outfits to get them excited about the flight.  Here is Cherry modeling the first complete vest and skirt.  Of course, I will be making them hats to match = )  Anyone else have this issue with your toddler being afraid to fly?  How did you handle it?  And how were they on the flight?

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