Happy Day Before Halloween

So excited about tomorrow!  Can't wait to put the kids in their costumes (and wear mine).  Tried to convince Josh we should get dressed up and go have Sears portraits taken, but he wasn't going for it.  So either today or tomorrow I've got to get the kids in their costumes and bring them out to the grassy field down the street and get some good photos, that may or may not eventually be photo shopped with images from My Little Pony.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, I'm so freaking relieved to be done make them!  As soon as I finished the last one I put EVERYTHING away so I didn't have to look at it anymore.  I've been consumed with getting them finished on time for Halloween, it was literately all I thought about all day every day.  Between staying up way to late catching up on The Walking Dead and working on the costumes, I've felt like a zombie my self.

Could we get any more polar opposite things going on???

In other news, we met with some realtors and we are stuck in our town home for another year.  The market is not on our side.  But hopefully next time this year I will be blogging about how much packing to move sucks.

Cherry turns 2 years old Monday, Nov 5th.  :::insert all the cliche things about kids growing up so fast and how time flies:::  because it's all true.  

Jasper had is 6 month appointment the other week, he's a whopping 21lbs 4oz and doing amazing.  So far he loves green beans, peas and squash.  A few more veggies to try then we're on to fruits.  He's sitting up by himself, unless he gets excited, then he freaks out and falls over.   He has no interest in crawling yet, because he can roll across the floor to get to what he wants.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather here in South Florida and staying safe in the crazy "stuff movies are made about" weather up north.


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