This, That and The Other

So it's been a while.  Partly because I'd rather not remember the past few weeks (EVERYONE in this house was sick and miserable) and partly because it's been so hectic I haven't had a chance to sit down an blog.  Now that we've all returned to a healthy state and Stitch Rock has come and gone I have a moment to chat.

As I said, a plague of sorts hit this house.  Started with the kids having fevers, progressed to ear infections in 3 of the 4.  Josh got it one weekend, then me the next.  Everyone was tired and uncomfortable.  I felt like I was at the doctor or pharmacy every other day for 3 weeks straight.  I dread the day they start school and bring home new and exciting germs to spread around.  But we've all finally kicked the bug, and aside from my every once in a while coughing fits, I feel human again.

This past Saturday was the 6th annual Stitch Rock Indie Craft Bazaar.  One of my favorite days of the year. I get to see a bunch of amazing, creative and inspiring people in one place.  I was disappointed  with what I had to show, it's proven its self difficult to get a lot of sewing done with the kids and the other projects I have going on (like the amazing Halloween costumes I'm putting together).  It was by far my slowest show which got me thinking maybe it's time to introduce something new to my line of goodies.

I got an Iphone!  Don't get too excited, it's not actually going to be hooked up to a phone plan, hah.  Right now I have Josh's old Itouch which I've recently become obsessed with.  I use it for my grocery lists and calendar, quick Facebook checks and surfing Instagram while breastfeeding.  But now, with the Iphone, I'll have the ability to take photos!  So excited.  I'm sure for the first few weeks I'll be going a little overboard on my Instagram feed (humblebumblebrenda) until my honeymoon period is over.  Josh almost has it set up, can't wait!

The next few weeks will be filled with feverish sewing of Halloween costumes, our first attempt at Church, visiting the pumpkin patch and trying to put our house on the market and searching for a new one!


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