Pik Nik of the Aviaton sort

Took the girls out for a pik nik last Friday at PBIAs viewing park.  It's a little area where you can park and watch the planes take off and land.  There are 3 pik nik tables and a hand full of benches with a cute little grassy area the kids loved running around in.  There was very little traffic on the access road to the area, so I wasn't concerned with letting them play in the grass (there is a small fence between the grass and the road).  We saw countless small jets take off and taxi on the runway and 3 or 4 large jets take off.  The down side is that they are doing some kind of construction and there is a massive mound of dirt ("the biggest biggest biggest mountain I've ever seen" says Abby)  right in front of the runway, so there is just a small window of viewing the actual runway, but as soon as the planes take off you can see them over the mound.  We will for sure be returning for future pik niks!  The girls thought the planes were fantastic!





 The mound of dirt

 Small viewing window of the runway

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