This to That Tuesday

Glittered Keds

I'm really excited about how the wooden bench project is turning out, but it's not complete yet, so in the mean time, I did this little rainy day project this morning while the kids water color painted.  My friend Lorna picked these Keds up at a thrift store a while back and gave them to me.  I've worn them a hand full of times, but I've been wanting to jazz them up a bit for ever.  Today was the perfect day.  Couldn't go out and play cause it was raining, so I got my glue and glitter out.  I've been crushing on all the DIY glittered shoe tutorials on Pintrest.  I used store brand Jo-Ann's Tacky Glue instead of Mod Podge like the majority of tutorials suggested.  I have to admit, and I'll probably be shunned by the craft community, but I hate Mod Podge.  It never fully dries for me, it stays tacky and stuff sticks to it and sometimes it doesn't dry all the way clear and the top gets all crusty.  Not my product of choice.  We'll see how the Tacky Glue stands up to wear. 

I didn't go overboard with the glitter, I just wanted them to sparkle a little.  Here are some of the great DIYs that inspired me of Pintrest.  If these wear well, I might do another pair more bold and bright.


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